Please Touch Museum Fairmount Park

Philadelphia, PA

Working with Doyle + Associates, Studio Agoos Lovera designed and developed the retail space for the Please Touch Museum in the historic Memorial Hall in Fairmount Park. The challenge of the project was to design a dynamic space scaled and directed towards children within the large, ornate historically registered 1876 Memorial Hall.

The building presented a massive, classically detailed stone space with huge windows and twenty-five foot ceilings that needed to be given some whimsical character and spark children’s imaginations, all on a modest budget. What was designed was a series of characters, made over-scaled, based on the Museum’s signature “Pat” character that was used to identify areas of the store by age group and activity. These “Pats” were combined with standard retail fixtures and cash wrap to create an overall cohesive and fanciful children’s environment.

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