United States Botanic Garden

Washington DC

The United States Botanic Garden dates back to the late 18th century and has been in continuous operation and open to the public since 1850.  The Garden organizes programs and events that educate and inspire visitors to become more active stewards of the plants that support life on earth. Recently renovated, the Botanic Garden includes the conservatory, a classical style building housing exhibits and operations, Bartholdi Park, and the National Garden, which opened in 2006. The USBG is a complex institution which is under the jurisdiction of the Joint Committee on the Library of Congress, administered through the Architect of the Capitol and all funding must have Congressional approval.

The Garden is anxious to reestablish its lost retail operation so we, along with Doyle + Associates, produced a feasibility study analyzing all aspects of a new store including potential locations, initial design concepts, probable sales, visitation and start-up cost projections, and an analysis of the impact on the existing facility.

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