King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Early in the design of the main retail space for The King Abdualziz Center for World Culture it became clear that the projected number of visitors far exceeded the capture rate of the 3000 SF main retail store.  With a dynamic array of data to back up this assertion, the design team proposed taking a potentially underutilized 1400 SF café adjacent to the main retail space and developing a store specifically for children.

The focus of the Children’s Store was to create a highly functional space that highlighted the merchandise while creating a dynamic environment that spoke to the nature of a child’s imagination and creativity. Using evenly spaced, contoured sheets of naturally-finished wood a simple box is transformed into an organic environment where children can find a diversity of spaces that entice children to explore the unique merchandise based on the theme of world cultures.  Within the store intimate spaces are found for reading and listening to music being sold in the store, as well as larger spaces where children can play with some of the larger toys available.  Portholes and tree-like structures help to divide the space and make unique opportunities for playful discovery.

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