On a mild winter evening, about a year ago, three of our own set off on a culinary expedition to satiate their happy hour-induced hunger.  Their lager-fueled argument about where to go and what to eat concluded after an absurd suggestion [read: challenge] was put forth to try a “Philly Taco”, whose two main (and only) ingredients consist entirely of food found on Philadelphia’s ever-popular South Street corridor.  Armed with Jim’s cheesesteaks in hand, the trio maneuvered across the crowded street into Lorenzo & Sons to achieve caloric bliss…

As you can see, consumption of these gastric-behemoths occurred in Lorenzo & Sons’ hall of mirrors.  Measures have been taken to protect the innocent and obese.

The origin of the “Philly Taco” is unclear, but we can assume someone’s cheesesteak got cold and snuggled into a famously-oversized pizza slice for warmth.

PS – It was later discovered they forgot to add a crucial ingredient!

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