a near “death” experience.

We are happy to report that the former A/LA office car, retired for several years to the leafy western suburbs, has recently narrowly escaped a trip to the junkyard.  The beloved vehicle, affectionately know as “The Death Sled”, is a 1995 Ford Escort station wagon with 106,000 plus miles on the odometer (and it looks like much more!).

Several weeks ago, while on a weekend excursion, it suddenly went lifeless in the middle of a busy street.  After coasting to a nearby parking space and undergoing several failed attempts at resuscitation, the Sled was towed to a nearby mechanic (only $8 courtesy of AAA).  The deed to our old friend was brought along, as it was feared that the end was near.  The current owners were unhappily anticipating having to trade down to a Mercedes.

Miraculously however, the diagnosis was not terminal.  With a new timing belt and water pump (costing much more than the junker is worth), the Sled is its old bucket-of-bolts self again and appears to be good for another twenty thousand miles at least.  It even received an injection of freon and will be providing a sweet, air-conditioned ride for the first time in three summers.

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