a book by its cover.

Looking around the office, there seems to be a broad range of, shall we say, “personalities” expressed in the content of people’s personal pin-up space.

To anyone who knows our office, some will be obvious, some not so apparent.  Without naming names, we have attempted to categorize the ten basic types…

The Collector

Grey Suit With a Floral Tie

The Hoarder

The Minimalist

Vegetable Rights and Peace

All in the Family

The Spiritual Drunk

Sports YEA!

When Swatches Attack

Urban Gorilla

Studio Agoos Lovera

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One response to “a book by its cover.”

  1. leecalisti says:

    all too true…I’d hate to admit where I’d fall somewhere between Grey Suit With a Floral Tie, Minimalist and All in the Family.

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