a bloggy birthday.

Happy 1st Birthday, …a view from the thirteenth floor!

We started on this little adventure one year ago today, and a quick look back through our 70 some odd posts shows that we have, for the most part, stayed true to the course, amassing a random collection of commentaries on art, architecture, and design, our office-wide challenges, local happenings, and the occasional quirky web find that makes us all go hmmm.

So as our blogging endeavor crawls out of its infancy and continues to mature, we’d like to hear from you, our dedicated readers (or reader as it were) and rss feeders, who without your support we’d carry on exactly as we’ve been.  What’s been your favorite post so far, and why?  What would you like to see more of?  Less of?  How’d you even find us?  You never know, we just might start pandering to your preferences; not really, we just want to learn a bit about the few web surfers that have stumbled upon us and inflated our web traffic stats over the last year.

If comments are too passive or not your style, you’ve got a chance to tell us in person as we celebrate tonight, 6pm at our new roost, Perch Pub (above Varalli’s overlooking the avenue of the arts at Broad & Locust), where you’ll get to meet Studio Agoos Lovera and all the folks behind the blog.  See you there!

Studio Agoos Lovera

Studio Agoos Lovera is committed to creating powerful and sustainable architecture that has an enduring positive effect for our clients, communities and their surroundings. Read more

2 responses to “a bloggy birthday.”

  1. leecalisti says:

    Happy Birthday. Celebrate responsibly.

  2. Thank you sir, and thanks to those that came out – we had a blast!

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