the office fridge.

Like most offices, the time of season when a foul stench permeates through the office can mean only one thing:  time to clean the fridge.

Theoretically, items are stored inside a refrigerator with the intent to preserve them for a prolonged period of time.  Like most theories, something is fundamentally lost in practice, since the refrigeration of any item promotes such a severe degree of forgetfulness that I bet an Alzheimer’s clinic has yet to study it.  It’s amazing how such artifacts are so easily forgotten.

Presenting the cast of characters in this season’s olfactory nightmare:

And so we say goodbye to the month of April alongside our decayed and expired perishables.  It’s relieving to know we can celebrate May Day with a clean refrigerator.

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2 responses to “the office fridge.”

  1. The Retreating (not quite an) Architect says:

    So which do you figure tastes worse? The clementine or the OJ from 09?

  2. Drew says:

    This is the best post on the ALA blog. Keep them coming! But change this back to the original post.

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